About AutoPal

Who we are


AutoPal Software provides lenders the best financing software on the market. We know the lending business. AutoPal has developed a simple, practical interface to help lenders streamline their lending systems.

Today, AutoPal Software has more than 2,600 lender partners in the US and Canada. These companies give many different types of loans. AutoPal Software strives to automate the lending process. We combine cutting-edge, problem-solving technology with a simple, secure, and user-friendly interface.

We invite lenders, regardless of size or experience, to give our financing software a try. Sign up for a free trial of our software or watch a few training videos. You are also invited to take advantage of a free LIVE SOFTWARE DEMONSTRATION. One of our expert trainers will guide you through any part of the software that you want to see.

Remember, with AutoPal Software, "You're Not Alone When Giving a Loan"®

Our History

AutoPal Software began as the in-house loan management software solution for an auto finance company. Implementing the software helped the company experience better-than-projected personnel productivity and profitability. So, we decided to make our loan servicing software available to the public.

A group of lenders, accountants, attorneys, and programmers began working to expand the software. During this period, several lenders made requests to use our unfinished software. As a result, AutoPal Software was established in the spring of 2009. Since then, we have worked to improve our product and hire knowledgeable staff. Now AutoPal is the premier product for auto, title, and other installment loans.


AutoPal Software utilizes Amazon's EC2 cloud to make your loans both safe and secure. We use 256-bit encryption and tokenization to keep your data safe. We have integrated AutoPal Software with some top companies to add next-level features such as: automatic payment processing, automatic email, SMS messages, credit bureau reporting, and more.

Amazon hosts our MySQL databases and serverless database. This allows us to upgrade or add new database servers whenever we need to, including on the fly. This helps us maintain scalability even though we host millions of loans. We are always improving and maintaining our code base. This makes it easier for our staff to add extra features on an ongoing basis.